AMD has released its official statement regarding RX Vega’s issues. Last week, the company launched Rx Vega 56 and 64 with an introductory discount. However, it upset many AMD’s fans as the offer will only give benefits to the first batch retailers.

AMD released a statement

A report published in WCCF Tech revealed that AMD graphics cards are out of stock due to the shortage of materials. However, the company is making an excuse that they are doing their best to supply the graphics cards. Moreover, AMD is still pushing the fans to buy Radeon Packs instead of the upcoming standalone Vega.

Another main reason that fans are upset with the company is that the RX Packs includes two free games that come with the standalone card.


However, the games are actually not free at all since the buyers have to pay an additional of $100. The company's offers seem like they are forcing the fans to buy the package version instead of the standalone one.

Nvidia GeForce vs. AMD RX Vega

AMD’s latest card was created based on the Vega GPU architecture which is the company's first high-end GPU that can compete with Nvidia card lineup. The card is also available in air-cooled and liquid-cooled versions. These feature HBM2 memory that gives greater memory capacity than its previous generations.

A benchmark data from AnandTech revealed the performance table that compares AMD’s card to GeForce Gtx 1080. In the table, both cards was tested on games like “Battlefield 1”, “Ashes of the Singularity”, “DOOOM”, “Ghost Recon Wilands”, “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”, “Dawn Of War III”, “Grand Theft Auto V”, “F1 2016”, and “Total War: Warhammer”.


The result showed that Vega card has an average FPS (frames-per-second) of 49.3. This result is higher than the GTX 1080 that has 48.3 FPS.

The latest AMD card features a similar design to its ancestor’s Fiji graphics card. Furthermore, it comes with some new technologies that are well-suited to performance-heavy tasks and games.

When it comes to the price, both cards start around $499 in the US. The GTX 1080 is around R9,200 in South Africa.

Frontier performance and benchmarks revealed

The Vega Frontier Edition has listed an official price of $1000 for the air-cooled version and $1,400 for the liquid-cooled version. The Frontier version comes with 4,096 stream processors that are clocked at the base of 1,382 MHz and the boost of 1,600 MHz.


The card also delivers 13 TFLOP of FP32 up to 25 TFLOP of FP 16 compute performance. It also features 16 GB of HBM2 VRAM that has two slots of 8GB.