Graphics card manufacturer AMD is expected to launch its Radeon RX Vega sometime later this year. There are still months to go before the anticipated launch, however, Rumors regarding the upcoming product have already emerged online. If these reports are to be believed, it seems like the upcoming Radeon RX Vega is going to offer a price-to-performance ratio unlike anything else on the market.

A value for money device

An online website that publishes rumor-based reports called Bits and Chips recently made this announcement. Bits and Chips is a platform whose many reports have turned out to be true in the end.

Therefore, when they suggest that the upcoming RX Vega is going to offer an amazing price-to-performance ratio then it is not too hard to believe.

The report further goes on to suggest that AMD is currently preparing its Vega 20 GPU for the processor-in-question. The company is believed to be planning on making the former twice as powerful as its predecessor, the Vega 10 GPUs. The same report also claims that the chances of the AMD’s plans are equally possible as well. This has a high possibility of taking place because the company is apparently trying to focus on Navi and its FP64 capable GPU.

The publication also reported in a tweet that the upcoming Amd Radeon RX Vega is primarily targeted towards the professional market — which may not necessarily include gamers.

Moreover, even the HPC market may not benefit from the AMD Radeon RX Vega as such. Furthermore, the company goes on to state that AMD is preparing its rumored Navi for the AI/HPC market. Navi is expected to pack a much higher price-to-performance ratio than the AMD Radeon RX Vega.

Launch by the end of the year

As reported by Eteknix, AMD provided additional details regarding their Vega GPUs at the Computex event that concluded early last week.

They even went on to confirm that these graphic cards were indeed arriving by the end of this year. They will be working on Vega 10 GPU and those are based on a whole new architecture altogether. Apart from that, the company also made the Radeon Pro Frontier Edition debut. Priced at $999, the AMD Radeon Pro Frontier Edition is described by experts to be among the top-notch processors in the market at the moment. However, what remains undefeated is the fact that the upcoming Radeon Vega will come with a much better price-to-performance ratio in comparison to the former.