It has been a little more than a month that Samsung launched its flagship smartphone duo Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Since its launch, Samsung has been breaking tradition by revealing the sales figures on a regular basis. The latest report that was publicized by the South Korean OEM revealed that the company has sold more than 1 million units of flagship duo in South Korea and nearby areas within 37 days after the official April 21 launch.

Astonishing sales figures

The smartphone market is highly competitive and OEMS give their all to have the slightest edge other competitors.

In such competitive environment, it is seldom seen that an OEM, that too a company like Samsung reveals its sales figures so early on after the launch. This move of the South Korean tech giant has led to the formation of a couple of theories by tech experts, which may possibly reveal the intention behind the revelation of sales figures.

Sales number reveal: a marketing strategy?

Some tech experts think that Samsung is using the market figures as a sales strategy to lure more customers to buy smartphone. Given that humans on a basic psychological level follow the herd mentality, growing number of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users will not only prod others to hop onto the bandwagon, but will also convince potential customers to get one of the flagship duo over other handsets as many buyers are seen as assurance in terms of quality and productivity.

Galaxy S8 sales bypass Galaxy S7

A company official stated that Galaxy S8 series’ predecessors Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge reached the 1 million unit sales milestone in 75 and 74 days, respectively. The latest flagships, on the other hand, achieved this figure within half the time taken by both the earlier smartphones. Thus, it can be safely assumed that the 2017 flagship smartphone duo has been selling double of the previous models.

The preorders for the latest flagships went live on April 7. Since that time, Samsung has regularly kept the public informed on how the smartphone was doing in the market by revealing sales figure reports at regular intervals. The South Korean OEM on April 9 said that the preorders for the smartphone surpassed 550,000 units within 2 days of the launch and on April 18, within 11 days time, the company had received 1 million preorders for its flagship smartphones.

Whether the latest flagships will continue to break previous sales records remains to be seen.