The new version of Google Earth can now be accessed via the App Store. Google made the announcement more than three months after it launched the updates for desktop and Android. The move was more than just an update since it also takes a great leap towards a wider network.

The new design and features

The update was presented back in April, which showed the new Google Earth that entirely made from scratch. Part of the new design integrates Google's Knowledge Graph, which allows users to find information on different locations inside of the app. Further, Knowledge Cards allow users to learn about facts about the places explored while Postcards makes sending still pictures captured on the app possible.

Reports say that the new iOS app is up to speed with Android with some new features. These include interactive tours, 3D map views, and sharing of locations visited. The latest version of the Google Earth application also includes a 64-bit processor support, which is good for iOS 11 since it no longer supports 32-bit apps.

Google Earth's previous version was considered outdated and was on the verge of being kicked out by iOS 11. With this new update, the changes are more than welcome for both parties. Also, the latest edition boasts the inclusions of Voyager, which features interactive stories about popular destinations. The section has 17-city multiple day itineraries and more than 140 stories available in eight languages.

This feature also allows users to have more context of the location and the ability to virtually explore it.

What does this mean for Google Earth?

With this recent announcement, Google took advantage of leveraging the app as a way for users to explore new travel destinations. The add-ons are also an excellent way to provide users a more interactive and realistic experience through the 3D button that utilizes Google Maps.

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All these updates may have come out on Android and Chrome in April, but the availability on iOS makes it much more accessible to many.

It took two years in the making before Google shared its new vision for the Google Earth application. The company wanted to introduce more ways to explore the planet including integrated 360-degree videos, guided tours, informational cards, and more. With its arrival on iOS, the updated iOS app will bring the same experience to Apple device owners, which positions Google Earth at a significant advantage over other map and navigating apps.