Verizon has rolled out July security updates for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge Plus including J7 and J3 smartphones. The update for Verizon Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus installs the latest security related patches in addition to several bug fixes. While the update for the Note 5 is tagged with build number N920VVRU3CQF3, the software build version number for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus gets a value of G928VVRU3CQF3.

Improvements to voice calling

After the installation of the update, the voice over Wi-Fi calls will improve to a large extent.

Moreover, the update provides a fix for an issue associated with the Google search app in Easy Mode. The update also brings in Notification for no app space.

Meanwhile, Verizon has also released July software updates for the Galaxy J3 and Galaxy J7 series handsets with several improvements and bug fixes. While the Samsung Galaxy J3 Mission gets the update with the build number J327VPPVRU1AQF3, the July security update for Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse is tagged with build number J327VVRU1AQF3.

The update is also available for the Samsung Galaxy J7 V and Samsung Galaxy J7 V Prepaid models with software build numbers J727VVRU1AQF3 and J727VPPVRU1AQF3 respectively.

Enhancements to data usage and phone support

According to the official changelog, the update for the Galaxy J7 V Prepaid and J7 V provides the required fixes to correct the data usage and the issues associated with Wi-Fi settings. The update also provides fixes for help menu in mobile hotspot, Bluetooth, and data consumption.

It also adds clickable URL and telephone number support for generating emergency alerts.

Coming to Galaxy J3 Mission and Galaxy J3 Eclipse, the update provides a new version of Visual Voicemail. It also includes a notification for no app space in addition to resolving problems associated with an incorrect error message. After the update installation, the quality of the voice over Wi-Fi will improve considerably.

It will take few days for the new software bits to appear on your relevant smartphone because the update is being introduced via OTA. If you are unable to view a message notification, you should manually check the presence of the update by tapping Settings menu. Before initiating the download process, you need to charge the handset completely and also establish connectivity with Wi-Fi to avoid interruptions during the installation process.