Game-developers of "Destiny 2" recently made the game as mentioned earlier’s Beta version officially available to experts. It seems like Bungie — a known game-tester — has already found a lot of Issues in the game. As per Bungie, the problems are recurring by nature, and it is important that these factors are taken into consideration before "Destiny 2’s" final version is made available for purchase to the general public.

Issues with the game

Bungie reportedly said that game's beta version is riddled with numerous problems that hold the potential of impacting the overall gaming experience of the player. A warning regarding the same has been posted on Bungie’s official blog post as well. One of the primary issues with "Destiny 2" is wherein a player gets thrown down to the Orbit as soon as he/she enters a Countdown match with an enemy located in Crucible.

Moreover, a bunch of network error codes will disrupt the entire gaming experience as well. Players will find themselves being unnecessarily placed at the beginning of the Inverted Spire Strike while joining the ongoing game that is already existing in the game. Another issue that Bungie spotted is that "Destiny 2" does not necessarily support all the languages.

'Destiny 2' not available for PC as of now

Players who discover more problems with the game can post the issues on the official "Destiny 2" Help forum.

While the beta was only available for select experts, for the time being, it will be made available to all in the coming week. At the same time, some PS4 and Xbox One users can even pre-load the beta version, of Destiny 2 right now. According to a report by Gamespot, the game will occupy approximately 15GB of the PS4 gaming platform and around 12.8GB of Xbox One platform. The beta version of the game won’t be available on the PC platform until late August at least.

The game will reportedly be available for pre-orders, starting July 18th for PS4 platforms. Meanwhile, the Xbox One players can avail the pre-order order starting July 19th. The rest will probably have to wait until July 21. One can check out the official website to check what's included in the beta here. For the players who notice a problem in "Destiny 2" beta version of the PS4 gaming, can log on to the game’s official website and follow the Network Troubleshooting Guide provided there.

This will ensure that the proper network settings in put in place for Destiny’s game play. The game developer hasn’t provided any other additional details regarding the same. It remains to be seen what exactly will take place next.

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