"Pokemon Go" as can be recalled, started off as a frenzy of sorts back in 2016. The augmented-reality game garnered so much attention worldwide that almost one in every three smartphone user was playing the game in every corner of the street. However, it didn’t take long for the game to lose its charm. The game soon fell from glory from being in the top ten most downloaded games to be the last among the lot. Nintendo apparently noticed this change and thus, decided to revive the game’s popularity. It all began earlier this year wherein the game developer announced that they were going to release a massive update to its upcoming "Pokemon Go" game.

New exciting features

Nintendo reportedly deployed a major update wherein the game adorned a newly-revamped gym facility earlier last month. The game developer it seems is not done with releasing newer features as of now. If reports are believed to be true, Nintendo is adding another new feature to "Pokemon Sun And Moon." The players will now be able to avail a free rare Pokemon on the gaming-series. This update is exclusive to US, Europe, and Australia wherein the players can avail a rare and shiny variant of Tapu Koko Pokemon. The particular function of this special Pokemon is its appearance.

Tapu Koko Pokemon

The Tapu Koko Pokemon is rare because it cannot be found in the wild — like how most other Pokemon can be found.

Nintendo has made a special exception with this particular Pokemon by making it legitimately available for free for the players. The Pokemon is already on level 60, so the players need not worry about upgrading it either. Moreover, the Pokemon comes along with a unique Electric Seed ability that allows the Pokemon to synergize its defensive ability.

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The players will be able to use Tapu Koko’s special ability to enhance its defensive ability on the battlefield. Other moves that Tapu Koko is mainly known for include Electro Ball, Agility, Discharge and Nature’s Madness. All the above-mentioned actions are incredibly strong and can take over all sorts of enemies along the way.

For those players who are interested in availing the latest Pokemon, check the Mystery Gift option located on the right-hand side of the game’s menu screen. The gift is already available in the game, and users simply need to go and choose the Pokemon for themselves. Nintendo is planning on adding a lot of more in the coming months. It seems like the fun-ride is just getting started.