Some of the great innovations have taken place on a crowd-funding platform called Kickstarter. Now, in the pipeline is a smartwatch called ‘Sequent’ that the developers claim packs unaccountable kinetic power. The smartwatch apparently charges on its own too. Let’s find out more about the device.

World's first kinetic smartwatch

The latest smartwatch ‘Sequent’ is listed on Kickstarter as being the World’s first kinetic smartwatch to ever exist. As the name already suggests, the smartwatch packs kinetic power and can self-charge.

The device sports a traditional Swiss design and is priced at around $83,000. It’s been a few weeks since the posting for ‘Sequent’ was made and it appears like they have already generated substantial interest to enable their project to incept.


However, thirty more days of fundraising are still pending. Up till now, the developers of ‘Sequent’ have already collected 278,000 dollars. The device is expected to go into production once they finish the stipulated time-period. If it turns out to be successful, then ‘Sequent’ will be the first smartwatch to offer an instant solution for those users who are irritated by the constant battery issues that other smartwatches carry.

Compatibility with Android and iOS

As reported by Android Headlines, the ‘Sequent’ project is based in Switzerland. The smartwatch is compatible with both, Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, the sellers have claimed that their main selling point for the ‘Sequent’ smartwatch is that it is the first kinetic self-charging smartwatch that has been successfully invented in the history of smartwatches.

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Developers have designed the smartwatch in a way that it collects kinetic energy and transforms it into electrical energy at the same time.

As pointed out by Phone Arena, this isn’t the first time that a kinetic energy-based smartwatch is being invented. There have been a lot of smartwatches that have been around for a while. However, what makes ‘Sequent’ smartwatch different from the rest is the fact that it outputs infinite power without the use of traditional cell batteries that require charging every now and then. The ‘Sequent’ smartwatch features a lot of exciting specifications including GPS tracking, Bluetooth 4.2 support, heart rate sensor, filtered notification system, water resistance capability, a biofeedback health app, and Super Charger Power Indicator that is designed to collect charge through the user’s movements. The smartwatch is available only in two color variants namely Black or White. There is a special steel edition in the making; however, the developers haven’t specified as to when they plan on introducing the same.