With the arrival of the Android Wear 2.0 platform, more and more companies are taking advantage of Google’s operating system to create smartwatches. Non-tech brands like Montblanc, Fossil, Guess, Movado, and Tag Heuer are just some of the companies which have introduced their own line up of Android Wear 2.0 powered smartwatches. Now, another company, completely unrelated to the technological background, name Emporio Armani has unveiled its smartwatch on the platform.

Emporio Armani smartwatch

Armani is the latest in the long list of companies taking advantage of Google’s operating system to build its own smartwatch.

The operating system from Google is so popular perhaps because of its availability and ready to use nature, which has now prompted Emporio Armani to unveil its own device.

The first ever Android Wear 2.0 powered smartwatch from Emporio Armani is dubbed Connected. The product being an Armani smartwatch means that it will sport a very attractive look and has been designed by a team of professional designers. The company has revealed that all of the Connected smartwatches will also support interchangeable straps, meaning users will be able to customize the looks of their device.

Armani Connected smartwatch features

The Connected smartwatch is the successor to Armani’s earlier hybrid smartwatch. That device was capable of connecting to both Android and Apple smartphones.

This time around though, the Connected smartwatch will feature a touchscreen and the Google OS. This means that the smartwatch will bring all the additional features that are supported in Google’s latest OS for wearables.

The trailer announcing the launch of the Connected smartwatch does not make it clear what it is exactly that makes these Armani smartwatches stand out from other devices other than the obvious Emporio Armani logo and the vastly better design.

However, there may not be any major improvements in the other aspects of the smartwatch other than the looks itself. In any case, fans of the Armani brand may prefer to pick one up just for the stylish looks and sleek design of the smartwatches.

The call and text diversion to the wearable from smartphones looks like a confirmed feature at the moment.

It should also come with customizable watch faces and a fitness tracker in tow. The Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch will land on shelves on September 14 this year.

With such a vast variety of companies launching these Android Wear 2.0 powered devices, it remains to be seen how Armani’s product performs. However, loyal fans of the brand may be interested to purchase the Connected smartwatch when it does come out in September.