wireless charging has been around for quite some time, and it’s very exciting to see what current technology can offer in the modern times. It's not perfect, but we are getting there. It has evolved, but the principles stay the same, wherein it works on the foundation of electromagnetic induction. Coils of wire inside the charging plate generate a magnetic field as the current passes through. Charging without a cable is pretty handy, especially when trying to relax on a sofa or bed after a hard day of work. However, it seems like early iPhone 8 users might not be able to experience this luxury.

Wireless charging on the iPhone 8, inconclusive?

According to techradar.com, there has been a lot of rumors lately in the past few months that the new iPhone will boast wireless charging capabilities. Although, the most current opinion suggests that Apple might not be ready for it comes launch of their upcoming iPhone 8, the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus, if ever that they are going to release them.

Developer John Gruber is the source of this piece of tech opinion, and he is known for being an established Apple tipster. Based on his tweet, this charging method might not be ready in time for the iPhone launch in September. Instead, there might be a wireless charging component that will be purchased separately.

Gruber also mentioned that Apple’s engineering teams could overcome this issue in the next few weeks and have it accessible at a big event that everyone is expecting in a couple of months.

Why the uncertainty?

Gruber further added that he is not certain if the delay for the feature was because of the hardware or software upgrades essential for it.

He also shared that the iPhone 7 Plus also faced a similar situation as the portrait mode was previously delayed before it was added in a month after launch.

There are also some disadvantages that we might need to consider, as stated in humavox.com, like slow performance and mobility. Slow performance is one major factor because wireless charging cannot reach the similar level of efficiency as current charging because it lacks a cable.

Meanwhile, mobility is also a factor because wireless chargers are notoriously larger than that of standard ones. You will also experience challenges as most of them are not portable, hence cannot help you charge your phone wirelessly on the go.

Moving forward

Even though wireless charging has its ups and downs in the market, many believe that it has improved since it was first introduced to consumers. Seeing as how Apple is such a large company, it’s more than likely that they have the resources they need to provide customers with their piece of technology.

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