There are still a couple of months to wait before the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup hits the market again. The information about the Galaxy Note 8 is coming out and every Samsung fans are pleased. A lot of people initially thought that the Galaxy note 7 is the last one to be released in the Galaxy Note line. However, last week, Samsung Galaxy Note released the early description of the phone's design.

As reported by Venture Beat, Samsung Galaxy's upcoming flagship will be priced at $1000. This is the highest price that the Technology company gave on the smartphones that they released.

Note 8 will be released in the second half of September this year.

Same features, different pricing

In addition, the Galaxy Note 8 will come in with a 6.3-inch 18:5:9 Infinity Display. This is similar to the Galaxy S8 line released in the market this year. The smartphone will also have the same specifications with the Galaxy S8. However, Galaxy S8 was priced at $900 when it was released. If Samsung will be relying on the Galaxy Note 8's extra features, the $100 difference should be huge.

Like the other Galaxy Note smartphones released before, the Galaxy Note 8 is packaged with the S-Pen. However, the S-Pen is not the only unique feature of the smartphone. The phone will also be powered by a Snapdragon 835 and will come with 6GB worth of RAM.

The Note 8 will be the second device in the Samsung line which surpassed the 4GB RAM allocation that they have, which smartphone enthusiasts will really appreciate.

Smarter phone with bigger features

The extra power that it will come with will be very useful for multitaskers and gamers. It will also come with the Samsung DeX, which will help use the Note 8 as a desktop.

When plugged into the DeX, the user will get a modified Android desktop experience. It will give the user the full access to all the saved documents and the installed apps. The user can also respond to text messages and phone calls. This means that anything and everything that can be done with the smartphone in a bigger screen and with the help of a keyboard and a mouse.

There were also rumors that the Galaxy Note 8 will be the first flagship phone of Samsung that will come with a dual-camera system, as per WCCF Tech. Although it is still unclear on how the sensors will be used with this smartphone, it's rumored to come in with two 12MP cameras with heart sensor rate and flash.

However, the downside that enthusiasts are seeing with this smartphone is the fingerprint sensor. The Galaxy Note 8 will still place the sensor in the same row as other sensors. In this one, at the right side of the heart rate sensor and the flash. Furthermore, the Note 8 will include a 3,300 mAh battery. This is smaller compared with the recently released Galaxy S8+. However, this is Samsung's way of avoiding the battery issue that happened with Note 7.

Lucky for those who are waiting, they do not need to wait very long. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to be launched during the Samsung event to happen sometime in August.