Another Samsung Device is joining the race to be the best smartphone ever be released this year. Enter Samsung Note 8! Samsung just won’t back down, will they? Samsung, for the most part, has been praised for generally good reviews of that the S8 and S8+ received. However, they are still not done.

With iPhone 8 soon to enter the picture before the year ends, the Samsung Note 8 is expected to make waves, this time targeting a different demographic. While the iPhone 8 is more for those on the go, the Note 8 is probably going to be of interest to professionals.

However, recent developments suggest some disappointing news which has everything to do with the case. How can one simple case predict the future of this Samsung device?

So what is it really with the case?

The big problem seems to be that the Fingerprint Scanner has not been integrated into the display. So what does this mean? Basically, it will take the lead of the S8 and S8+ where the placement of the fingerprint scanner is located on the back.

Forbes cited CAD as reporting that the distance between the rear-mounted camera and the fingerprint scanner has been increased, which will hopefully mean that the camera lens won’t be smudged when one tries to unlock the device using the fingerprint scanner, but rear placement is not considered to be ideal.

The Samsung Note 8 is also reported to come in colors such as Orchid Grey, Deep Blue, Black Silver, and Gold. The upcoming Note series obviously has more colors to choose from compared to its unfortunate predecessor.

Every little aspect that leads to the Note 8 becomes the talk of the town. Who would’ve thought that a simple case would enough to make the online world explode?

Such reaction is easy to understand as all eyes are on this upcoming device to see how Samsung redeems itself from the fiasco that was Note 7.

Fingerprint scanner: Enough to pull down Note 8 altogether?

No way! While the fingerprint scanner is an important factor to consider in any high-end device, it is not enough to dictate the future of the device.

The Samsung Note 8 codenamed Gr3at is seriously staying true to its code and this is why: It is expected to come with a dual camera which is the same case as iPhone 8. Expect for video and imaging capabilities to be even better than the current S8 and S8+. It also is expected to come with 6.3-inch QHD+ Infinity Display. Expect viewing to be the same as watching an OLED display TV.

The best is yet to come for the Samsung Note 8, so stay tuned for more updates about this upcoming device.