After the huge controversy with the Galaxy Note 7 last year, Samsung is yet again ready to prove its Note line’s credibility and quality. In three weeks, Samsung will be launching their new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phablet.

This comes just in time for the August 23 announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and its FCC certification. Sad to say, there's not much to talk about with the details FCC released in regards to the phablet due to a request for confidentiality. However, there are still small things that need to be discussed.

Four Note 8s?

As seen on FCC’s certification of the Samsung Note 8, there are four different variants manufactured for the smartphone.

One global variant which comes with Samsung’s own processor the Exynos 8895 SoC, two U.S. variants powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, and a display-only model.

Clearly, Samsung is setting a trend here in the United States that started with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Earlier this year, the Galaxy S8 was just released in two variants, one for the carriers and the other is for consumers who’d opt for a factory unlocked device.

On a side note, the US variant for carriers is the only one manufactured in Korea. While the other three variants are all made in Samsung’s factory in Vietnam.

Dual Camera setup confirmed?

Samsung Electro-Mechanics posted several sample photos of what seems to be images produced by their Dual Camera modules.

Rumors are all pointing out that Samsung is looking to add a dual camera feature on the next Galaxy Note smartphone.

The most interesting group of sample images are the ones demonstrating "Smart Zoom." Smart Zoom is a camera feature that would enable the user of 3x optical zoom, same as the iPhone 7 Plus with its dual camera setup which has the option of a 2x optical zoom.

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The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have a 12-megapixel telephoto lens as well as a 13-megapixel wide angle lens.

LTE Radio Band 66

On other news, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is reportedly capable of supporting the new LTE Radio Band 66, just like the LG V20 of last year. Also, details in regards to the Note 8 supporting the 600 MHz band (band 71) is apparently still up in the air as the FCC is yet to approve it.

T-Mobile is also planning to launch its 600 MHz spectrum next month alongside LG and Samsung phones. If the FCC would approve the Note 8 to support such band, it would mean better signal for new Note 8 owners as well as better reception even inside buildings.

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