Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most highly anticipated smart phones to be released. Numerous speculations and rumors have swirled relating to its official launch. People’s interest in this phone intensified more soon after Galaxy S8 was released early this year. Samsung fans are anticipating the Note 8’s overall capabilities.

Restriction on Note 7

The Note 8 immediately follows note 7 launched late 2016. Unfortunately, Samsung's previous phone was a disaster because of its problematic battery. Worldwide recall soon ensued, leaving Samsung with a lot of liabilities. Currently, Note 7s are not allowed onboard any commercial flights.

Note series and S series are two different Samsung entities. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ appeal to a different demographic. The S8 appeals to the more youthful clientele while Note 8 is for the busy professional. It also comes with its unique S-Pen.

The S-Pen can launch several functionalities with ease. The S-Pen’s capabilities prove encouraging because of Note users’ feedback. Over the years, Note series devices garnered impressive reviews. Many professionals instantly became fans.

Better than the previous model

According to Forbes, the Galaxy Note 8 will have an impressive image quality. Its quality is sure to be better than the current smart phones available in the market. It also has more angular edges compared to the S8. Many users love the slimness of S8. However, some think it is not ergonomic to the touch.

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It is too slim and curved that it can easily slip off one’s hands.

The Galaxy S8’s iris scanner feature is one of its strongest points. Some users prefer using the fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, its rear location is a pressing issue. The Galaxy Note 8 leaks show its fingerprint scanner on the back. However, it may still change as it may appear on the front.

It may also come with dual cameras. The evidence came in the form of its casing. The rear part of the case shows space enough for two lenses, flash, and sensor. Its cut-out case is different from its predecessors. All other Note series cases had a little opening for just one lens and the flash.

Battle of the new phones

The Galaxy Note 8 will battle it out with Apple’s iPhone 8. The public expects both the new iPhone and Note releases not far apart. Contrary to other reports, iPhone 8’s direct competitor is Note 8.The Galaxy S8 is an excellent device. It is even referred to as the best mobile device of Samsung's to date. However, this may all change after Note 8’s official launch.

Apple, on the other hand, will try its best to oust Samsung on the top spot.

Apple iPhone 8 has its fair share of incredible features according to leaks. It promises an intense competition between the two tech giants. Anticipation is at an all-time high as the two near its launch dates.

Some say Note 8 will dominate the competition while avid iPhone users strongly disagree. End of the day, it depends on who is using the device. For an Android user, the new Galaxy Note phone is the King, and for Apple users, iPhone 8 is the best.