Apple has put to rest the iconic iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, two products which have hardly gotten attention the past couple of years. With iPhones technically given the ability to play media files, the only device left in the series is the Ipod Touch.

The move hardly comes as a surprise. These were products that would eventually be stricken out given that their main purpose is to play music (and videos for the iPod Nano). With limited purpose, it made lots of sense to leave the iPod Touch though even this variant holds an unsure future.

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Making things simple

The iPod Nano and Shuffle lost its relevance though the move is seen more as a strategic phase. Apple has been widely believed to streamline its products since most were becoming redundant.

The past months were mainly monitoring the fate of the iPads and the MacBook, meaning the decision to ax the music players hardly comes as a surprise. Leaving the iPod Touch makes a bit of sense, a bit improved with capacity doubled.

There are still folks who prefer to have a music player and the Nano and Shuffle were among the cheapest buys to get from the Cupertino company. Then again, the choices have broadened with folks not necessarily inclined to stick to iOS to playback tunes either for relaxation or fitness endeavors.

Improved iPod Touch on watch

Sales may not be the main agenda for retaining the iPod Touch. It is seen more as a way to keep the iPod line alive. But at some point in the future, it may eventually get axed as well – together with the whole product line.

The reason is pretty simple.

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Media players are aplenty and the fact is an iPhone can pretty much do the same. Price will be a factor but customers can always turn to other music players which are likely to be cheaper.

The Apple website will only show the iPod Touch as the lone dedicated handheld music device available. It sits alongside Apple Music, iTunes, and the HomePod. The last update it had was back in 2015 though there is no word if a new one will come out soon.

Though the iPod Touch is unlikely to factor in the revenue-generating scheme of Apple, some may still get one for their daily media enjoyment. The 32 GB is the cheapest one can get at $199. The only other option is the 128 GB that costs $299. Other than that, no other storage variant of the iPod is available.

$199 may still cost a lot so budget-conscious folks are likely to skim the market for alternatives. Right now, the only thing Apple may have done is simplify things with more products likely to follow.