What could be chilling than this new product from Oaxis what they call an Ink Case? Not only the idea of the case is fresh, but the product itself is also brilliant. What is the Ink Case of Oaxis which is manufactured specially for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus?

The Ink Case for iPhones is a second screen that goes on the back of your iPhone in the form of a case. The Ink Case is established on the idea of an e-ink back screen for the iPhones.

The Ink Case: What's inside the box?

Is the Oaxis product for the iPhones is useful or is it just crap? Let's start with the box.


The box cover of the product shows two images of the commodity, one with the front while the other of the back view. The box describes the product as an e-ink case. In one of the two sample images printed on the box of the case by Oaxis, it shows an ebook presented as similar to the Kindle.

When it comes to the problems like fatigue of the eyes, e-ink is a better way to avoid direct screen contact. E-ink does not emit the display light, but it only reflects the original screen back to the case. E-ink works almost like a Kindle at the back of your smartphones.

The Case connects to the iPhones 7 and 7 plus wirelessly via Bluetooth. Four major functions of the product highlighted on the box include reading news articles, photo wallpaper, shock protection and read it later. The Oaxis product has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity which is an indication that the battery consumption of the device itself is very economical.

Ink Case: The screen itself is not a touch display

The display for the iPhone 7's case is 4.3 inches, and for the iPhone 7 plus, the size is 5.2 inches e-ink screen.

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The case itself looks like a battery case, but it is a lot lighter than the traditional smartphone cases. On the front end of the Ink Case, there are touch keys that are similar to the regular Android front. The touch keys on the front side of the Case are for navigational purposes.

A warning is also mentioned on the box that says 'No twisting or bending' which makes much sense too. There is also an attachment cable inside the box which is available to charge the Case by connecting to the phones.

After booting up the Case, we can see the high-contrast beautiful e-ink display. The dashboard after turning on the Ink Case will have your all day activities like the time you took rest or worked. It tells you the weather, upcoming events if you setup the calendar and then reminders. Standby time of the battery in Ink Case is five days which is quite brilliant.