As Apple prepares to release iPhone 8 in the fall, the mega-corporation has continued to release tools and resources to help their customers get more out of the iPhone 7. This includes a photography guide as well as information on how to get more from the camera features of the iPhone 7. This also includes tutorials on how to use the Video Camera.

iPhone 7 versus a traditional video camera

As fake rumors persist about the release of the iPhone 8 and the features it offers, iPhone 7 users can focus on the features they may not be using and get more from their current phone.

One way to do this is to use the camera to create photos and videos. The question may be how well the camera for the iPhone 7 performs compared to a standard video camera.

Thrillist reported that the film quality of smartphones has improved so much that a film was screened several years ago at the Sundance Film Festival was shot on an iPhone 5S. A YouTuber named Potato Jet set out to find out how well the iPhone 7 compared to a video camera. He chose an $82,000 Arri Alexa setup and put the two cameras side by side to shoot footage. The footage was shot under various conditions for comparison.

Although the iPhone didn't compare with the cinema quality of the Alexa, the quality of the footage was impressive.

Instead of investing in an expensive camera though, iPhone users may just want to brush up on their camera skills to improve the quality of their photos and videos.

Guide to shooting better photos and videos

MacWorld reported that phone users can improve both their videos and photos with a few tips. This is especially important for those who need product photos or videos to sell their products online.

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There are many apps that users can download from the Apple store to help take better photos or videos. Better photos and videos can actually improve sales.

As the iPhone 7 has a high enough pixel resolution, it's not necessary to use a DSLR camera. The resolution of the photos will be good enough for display on sites like Facebook and Amazon.

Cleaning up the product will also help. The more pristine a product looks, the easier it will be to get a good shot.

Making multiple shots guarantees getting at least one good shot. Using a good background and making sure that the background for the product is clutter free will help produce better shots. Use good lighting, especially natural lighting. If natural lighting isn't available, then consider using lamps from different angles to get the right shot.