NVIDIA has the tendency of debuting big-sized Gpus. Take, for instance, its GV100 Volta-based GPU targeted towards data centers that packed an 815mm. The Gpu manufacturer is apparently working on an even larger version of the same for the gaming sector.

As reported by PCGames, the hype surrounding the Volta-based GPUs first began when the CEO of the company, Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang made mention of it’s at the company’s official GPU Technology Conference in May earlier this year. At the event, the official spoke about its upcoming Tesla V100 and even further went on to describe it as being the biggest chip that ever existed. Several reports indicated that NVIDIA’s Volta is expected to follow AMD’s Pascal party footsteps.

If this would turn out to be true, then the VOLTA-based GPUs would probably pack a total of 5,120 cores. However, realistically speaking, this is not possible.

Specs and features of the Volta GPU

It is a difficult task for any GPU manufacturer to even consider packing a chip the size of GV100 in what the Volta-based GPUs have to offer. On that basis, it is safer to assume that the size of the upcoming Volta-based GPUs for the gaming sector will be smaller than the recently launched 815mm large processor. In fact, the reports indicate that the company might drop down to the size of 610mm and 471mm in some of its variants. However, readers are advised to note that none of the above-given information is true. Therefore, it is best that the information is taken with a grain of salt and nothing else.

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Additionally, NVIDIA is expected make use of GDDR6 with its latest line-up of GPUs. They were previously rumored to opt for HBM2 for its upcoming line-up of gaming cards. However, it seems like they have decided against it. In the meantime, the company is expected to pack up around 5,000 CUDA cores inside the upcoming gaming cards.

Price is not confirmed

Given the number of heavily-loaded specifications that the upcoming Volta-based set of GPUs is expected to arrive with, it doesn’t seem like the company is going to offer their latest innovation in any lesser of the already prevailing price. Chances are that the firm might just end up pricing it much higher than expected. Moreover, as the company‘s latest innovation is expected to compete directly with AMD’s Radeon Vega set of GPUs, the competition is going to be tough and much more interesting to witness as well. Let’s see what ends up turning out to be true.