"Nvidia" earlier this year, introduced its next-generation Volta architecture. The latest innovation is expected to power the modern set of GPUs. According to the company, their Volta architecture is perhaps, the ultimate power that any system requires. While the strength of the architecture is much spoken-about, fans are now awaiting an announcement regarding the upcoming graphics processing units that will be powered by the same.

NVIDIA's strategy

As pointed by Market Realist, whenever a GPU-manufacturer develops and introduces a new set of architecture, the firm usually targets the data center set of GPUs then essentially moves on to the gaming sector.

This is usually carried out because the companies end up generating more revenue in the former as compared to the latter. The reason for this is quite simple too – the consumer base for data center GPUs are comparatively larger. This is one strategy that NVIDIA has notably adopted in recent years. The firm has taken the wraps off its Volta-based GPU cards for data centers. But now, it is expected that the company will introduce the GPUs for the gaming sector soon as well. If reports are true, then the upcoming GPU will be introduced under the company’s GTX 20-series category.

The Pascal architecture

At the same time, there are many who predict that they will be introduced as a refreshed form of the much-awaited Pascal architecture.

Needless to say, when these GPUs are introduced in the market, they will fall in direct competition with AMD and its products. As may be known by many, AMD is another big player when it comes to manufacturing GPUs. The firm recently launched its latest Radeon 500-series, which is believed to be the rival for NVIDIA’s Volta-based cards.

Many are waiting to observe the tough fight that will probably take place between the two. It will be interesting to note which side takes the better half of the market to its favor.

Coming back to talking about the Volta-based set of GPUs, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang at a recent event even gave the viewers a first glimpse into what the latest innovation has to offer.

It has been reported that at the GPU Technology Conference, 2017, Huang released a clip from the game, Final Fantasy XV which was rendered by Volta-based processors. It goes without saying that the video quality was par excellence. While the fans wait for the arrival of the latest set of GPUs, there might be a chance that the firm will postpone the launch to next year altogether.