Just a couple of weeks back, AMD took the wraps off its Radeon Vega Frontier Edition (air-cooled version) with 16GB storage, taking the market by a storm. The recently-launched graphics card is priced at a whopping $1,500 and is already available for sale on leading e-commerce stores as well as the official website. Let’s take a comprehensive look at what the card has to offer to its users.

Specs of the AMD's GPU

The first notable change that has been brought about in the AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition (air-cooled version) is its TDP rate. At the time of its announcement, the company had mentioned that the card might end up coming with 300-watt capacity.

However, the capacity exponentially increased when the company launched the same with a 375-watt capacity. The company has also reportedly claimed that users would have absolutely no troubles with the quality of the supply delivered by the Graphics Processing Unit. However, personally speaking, it seems like the card still faces a struggle when it comes to drawing power even at 150-watts capacity.

Since the performance capacity of the graphics card is so huge in nature, it doesn’t seem that any standard computer will be able to support the graphics processing unit. This ends up giving rise to the problems, especially in the professional market. The clock-speed of the AMD’s GPU (air-cooled version) reportedly varies from variant to variant. However, it has been noted that the graphics card ends up supporting a lot more when the overheating situation meets its solution.

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It is interesting to note how the liquid-cooled versions, as well as the air-cooled version, share the same dimensions. However, the one thing that remains the same in both of these cards is their respective color schemes.

A powerful device

During the testing of the same, it was found that the system requires at least a minimum of an 8-pin power to be able to connect to other devices. The configuration also ends up giving away a lot chassis for any installation. On the back of Amd Radeon Vega Frontier Edition comes a fully-covered plate that protects the device from external factors. This is particularly useful when the system is stored in rigorous work places. In conclusion, it can be noted that while the cards are incredibly powerful and the best that one can expect at the moment, they are slightly overpriced considering the market that they are targeting.