There is no doubt that Microsoft’s Surface Phone is one of the highly anticipated mobile devices. Nonetheless, the tech company has yet to confirm its existence. Tech fans and experts are suspecting that the tech titan is preparing a new mobile device to replace the outdated Windows Phone operating system.

As the Redmond tech giant will no longer support Windows Phone, the Windows 10 Mobile might also go down the drain. But, according to Gadget Gestures, the company will still venture into the smartphone industry. The company even rolled out the concept under several monikers, such as Cellular PC, Surface Mobile, and Surface Phone.

Although some suppliers claimed that Microsoft would definitely call the device the Surface Phone, a possible release date is still unknown.

The Surface Phone might be in the testing phase at the moment. The smartphone could be ready in 6 to 18 months. However, until the mobile device hit the shelves, more leaks are expected to mount up on the internet.

Microsoft might launch the smartphone this year

Meanwhile, as reported by Christian Today, the famous Microsoft enthusiast Brad Sams said in a podcast that two independent sources confirmed Microsoft’s upcoming mobile device is already being tested with its specs and features. Also, Sams’ sources revealed that the smartphone would run under C-Shell, a feature that could make the smartphone works with other devices.

The tech giant might opt to roll out the handset this year to various stores.

Specs and features of the device

Nevertheless, one of the Surface Phone’s selling points in the market is its huge battery life, and it could be extended to an external monitor using the Continuum. These features could indicate that the smartphone will be available with a high price.

The device is expected to boast a 5.7-inch full-HD display. It will further come packed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, paired with a 6GB of RAM and a 128GB of internal storage. The mobile device will run on Windows 10 OS. The handset is also expected to be a foldable device. However, the upcoming smartphone will have a unique design.

On the camera front, the handset is expected to come along with a 12MP rear shooter and an 8MP front snapper. In terms of connectivity, the mobile device is supposed to feature a USB Type-C port. Also, the Surface Phone is anticipated to have a $1,100 price tag.