After the confirmation that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Note 8, there are rumors about all the details regarding the smartphone. There are a lot of expectations and assumptions. Now, pictures are surfacing the Internet claiming that there is already a confirmed Samsung S Pen.

If the leaked images are accurate, we are looking at an S Pen that does not look like any different from the last Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S Pen. As a matter of fact, the alleged S Pen looks too similar to the previous S Pen that Samsung released.

However, fans should not be discouraged. If Samsung decided not to make any changes to the appearance of the Note 8 S Pen, it does not mean that it will not make any differences with the performance.

After all, an upgrade means that it will show some improvement from the previous one. So what should everyone expect from the Galaxy Note 8 and the new S Pen?

New flagship phone

According to a report released by VentureBeat, the Galaxy Note 8 will be the most expensive phone to be released by Samsung. It is expected to be priced at around $1100 once released in the United States. The flagship phone will come with a 6.3-inch display with Infinity Display. Same with the Galaxy S8, it will have a Super AMOLED QHD screen with curved edges.

The dual camera will be its defining features, with both cameras to come in 12-megapixel lenses. Same with the other Note series, the new Galaxy Note phone will come in a big space of 64GB internal memory and 6GB RAM.

The New S Pen

One of the most notable features of the Note 8 is the new S Pen that it will come along with.

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According to rumors, the new S Pen could be used to convert currencies. It will also have the ability to translate words and sentences from foreign language to English or other supported languages.

Another highlight of the new S Pen is its ability to write on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen even if it is locked. The new Note phone will have a new cool feature of pinning sticky notes on its lock screen. In these sticky notes, the user can write reminders on the screen without the need of unlocking the phone.

Learning from experience

After the exploding Galaxy Note 7, people are expecting to have a better and more efficient smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy Note line. According to rumors, the Note 8 will come with a decreased battery life to avoid short circuiting.

The S Pen will also have a built-in mechanism that can detect the location of the phone. In case the owner forgot the phone's location, it will be easy to retrieve the smartphone.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available in the market before August 23.