Microsoft is soon going to be back in business by launching its ultimate device, which will also be its flagship phone. A lot has been said about the company's upcoming device, dubbed Surface Phone, but the company has not accepted nor has denied news and speculations.

A unique foldable design

According to Christian Post, Microsoft will be a foldable tablet and an expandable phone. It will be a device which could be reduced in terms of the size of a phone or tablet as per usage.

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It is also confirmed that Microsoft's Surface phone will not look like the companies other conventional devices and but will strive hard to guarantee an ultimate experience to its users.

Even the CEO of Microsoft- Satya Nadella has confirmed that the company is working on an ultimate mobile device which will blow up the market once launched. The flagship smartphone will go head-to-head with samsung galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8. The flagship smartphone could also mark 4K display.

According to Economic Times, Microsoft had filed too many patents for its phone in recent years and the latest patent hints that the phone might have the support for virtual network operators. This new patent is filed under the name ''Wireless Communications Device.'' It is also further explained by the Microsoft employees that how this LTE technology change the world when used on a small handheld device like a surface phone.

Surface Phone's alleged specs and features

As per Windows Central reported that the new phone would function on Windows 10, while the other one will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip.

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However, a solid confirmation on this is yet to be received. The phone will also dawn an ONTO TABLE Projection Continuum feature that will offer desktop work of up to 1 hour. Not only this, but it is also highly rumored that the phone will have three variants, and each of these variants will have a different set of target audience. However, none of the above-mentioned things are confirmed by the company, so we are just waiting while expecting the phone to be better and bigger than ever before. Microsoft has been the ages since years, and a new phone from the company is just building up the much-needed curiosity amongst the readers, customers, and techies around the world. Surface phone is expected to launch in the quarter of 2017. Release date and price are not confirmed yet. Stay tuned for more tech news and updates.