Microsoft has everything in its storeroom, from laptops to all-in-one tablets as well as smartwatches. What is missing is a flagship Mobile Device, especially after the company ditched their Lumia line-up of handsets. Nonetheless, the tech giant is said to be working on a new handset, dubbed the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Reports are claiming that Microsoft is working on the Surface Phone. Microsoft's highly anticipated smartphone will reportedly be among the best ones that the tech giant has to offer yet.

The tech giant's upcoming smartphone is expected to roll out sometime this year.

Although the exact release date of the device has not been confirmed. The tech company seems to have postponed the launch date of the mobile device for undisclosed reasons. Instead, the Redmond, Washington based tech titan decided to take the wraps off many other products, such as the Windows 10 Creators Update and the recently launched Surface Pro all-in-one laptop.

The Amazing Specs

In terms of the Microsoft Surface Phone specs, the upcoming smartphone is expected to be available with some really awesome features. Reports have mounted up on the internet claiming that the upcoming smartphone will arrive with Windows 10 alongside with some features from Carl Zeiss.

The tech company has recently filed several interesting patents that tease an expandable Surface handset.

A recent patent from the company shows a foldable device that could be Microsoft’s ultimate mobile device. Microsoft CEO Nadella claimed that the upcoming handset could be an amazing mobile device that may not look like the smartphones already on the market.

Nonetheless, Microsoft's upcoming handset is expected to come with 4GB of RAM alongside 64GB of internal storage, a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen, a 21MP rear snapper and an 8MP front shooter.

Tech enthusiasts and experts are expecting the Surface Phone to come out with a Surface Pen as well an integrated projector. The upcoming mobile device could be available with docking capabilities just like the Surface Pro, which hints that the upcoming mobile device could be a pocket PC. Furthermore, the upcoming Microsoft mobile device is expected to be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset.

In spite of that, the Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to be a tough competitor to Google and Apple smartphones.

In terms of price

The price range of the company's upcoming smartphone could be close to Apple's iPhone 7.