Apple will celebrate its 10th years anniversary this year since it launched its first iPhone in September 2007. It is going to be an incredibly special date for both Apple and its fans. The company is launching iPhone 7s and 7s plus for sure, but the speculations about iPhone 8 are increasing day by day.

The smartphone will be available in November

The latest reports suggest that iPhone 8 might be launched in September but will be available to its consumers only in November or December due to delays in its supply chains.

And it is also rumored that the 'so called iPhone 8' will now be called 'iPhone Pro,' and its price will go up to $1100. The current speculations about Apple's flagship phone are breaking the internet. It is said that iPhone 8 might have a 5.8-inch OLED screen with an edge-to-edge display. Some also say that iPhone 8 will have a unique design; since the makers are planning to ditch their previous aluminum body and are planning to go with a glass body. The phone could be much thinner since the makers are planning to have a Flexible Plastic OLED that consumes less power and offers a better display.

Specs and features

The phone will allegedly have wireless charging just like other high-tech phones of Samsung. It will also say a big goodbye to its home screen button and will have rear-facing Touch ID sensor with face scanning technology. It also seems that the new handset will run on Apple's A11 chip and iOS 11. Hence it will be much faster when compared to its predecessors. The new iPhone might also have a 3D laser system for better functioning of augmented reality(AR) function. Its support for LTE speed might go up to 450Mbps.

Apple's phones are known for their camera quality, and the company has decided to raise the bar by sporting a dual vertical camera on the rear that will also have optical image stabilization. Meanwhile, the company will experiment more with its front-facing camera, since it might come with an advanced 3D technology, allowing it to find the location and depth of objects in front of it.

All these speculated features might mean the iPhone 8 will be huge, but at the same time, the new device might cost much more.

One last rumor states that the next iPhone will come in three variations: one sporting an OLED screen and the other two with a standard display.

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