Microsoft has long been rumored to be working on its Windows 10-based smartphone, dubbed ‘Surface phone.’ The speculations regarding the same began sometime last year when alleged images of the same began surfacing online. Fans were left disappointed when the Redmond tech giant didn’t end up introducing the device last year. However, a new leak now suggests that Microsoft plans on unveiling the ‘Surface Phone’ as soon as they are done updating their Windows 10 mobile OS update.

Windows 10 update rumors

Several reports that emerged in the recent past indicate that Microsoft is currently working on getting its Windows 10 mobile OS prepared.

Following the successful update of the same, the Redmond-based technology firm will be launching the Surface Phone. Members close to the Windows Insider program have revealed that early access to Windows 10 mobile operating system has already been rolled out to exclusive members. This further goes to testify that Windows 10 mobile OS update is not dead yet. The question remains that if Microsoft is truly working on Windows 10 OS, then why isn’t it showing up in the market share numbers? According to a report by Forbes¸, this is because the update is still under wraps, however; that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company was abandoning its fans. Undeniably, Microsoft’s Surface Phone is among the most-talked-about smartphones in the market at the moment.

Even though the firm hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of the same; Microsoft on several occasions has hinted that a Windows-10 based smartphone is in the making. The company CEO, Satya Nadella earlier this year stated that the firm was in fact, working on an ultimate mobile device. The upcoming smartphone from Microsoft, as per Nadella, is going to be unlike any other device present in the market.

Surface Phone design, specs, and rumors

Additionally, a leaked video posted online recently showcases the ‘Surface Phone’ in its full glory. As per the information that can be interpreted through the video, the ‘Surface Phone’ is going pack a foldable design and will come sporting a bezel-less display.

The smartphone will have an adaptive shell built on the company’s C-Shell technology. As reported by Neowin¸, the smartphone is going to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC. Apart from this, there are chances that the device-in-question will pack a dual-rear camera setup as well. If the Microsoft Surface Phone ends up launching this year, then it will compete directly with other smartphone brands and their flagship devices like Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.

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