AMD has made a lot of headlines lately. The GPU cards-manufacturer is apparently preparing for the launch of its heavily-speculated Vega GPU. Late last month, the firm introduced its Radeon Vega Frontier Edition card. The aforementioned innovation was primarily targeted towards scientists, developers and content creators.

The company is now being reported to be planning on introducing two new versions of its Radeon Vega Frontier Edition. The first will be 300-watt air-cooled that will be made available for sale from the first of July. Following this, the firm will reportedly be launching the 375-watt water-cooled version in Q3 of 2017.

As pointed by AnandTech, the former will be priced around $999 and the latter will be ranging around $1,299. AMD claims that both its GPUs are consumer-oriented. They are designed in a particular way to facilitate the requirements of mainstream gamers as well as professionals. The firm also reportedly plans on integrating its Ryzen CPU with its Vega GPU. This is expected to exponentially improve the performance delivered by laptops. Let’s take a complete look at AMD’s latest innovation and how it fares.

Value for money GPU

The said GPU comes packed with powerful specs and has 4,096 stream processors along with 64 computing units. The said units are capable of support double-rate 16-bit math. Moreover, the GPUs delivers a performance of 13.1 TFLOPS (Tera Floating Point Operations per second) at FP32 single precision.

This helps in the enhancing overall experience of technologies like - Artificial Intelligence computations. As per AMD, the GPU has a total clock speed of 1,382MHz along with the complemented boost clock speed of 1,600MHz. Moreover, the chip’s external memory can be stored in the cache as well. This, in turn, offers users with added storage.

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Overall the chip is very powerful and offers great specs.

AMD outperformed the rivals

AMD's new GPU has many competitors but in terms of specs and features, it outperforms its rivals in its category. PC World, AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier air-cooled version managed to outperform Titan XP in Solid-Works test by over fifty per cent in 3D rendering package.

In fact, Amd Radeon Vega Frontier Edition even managed to beat Catia by an approximate twenty-eight per cent and Maxon’s Cinebench Open GL by at least fourteen percent. For more GPU tech news and updates, stay tuned.