Google's pixel is one of the top-selling phones in the market and has received a great response from users. Google Pixel unveiled last year in October and the rumors about the launch of Google Pixel 2 were already making the news. The device will have competition with Apple iPhone 8 and samsung galaxy S8.

Specs and features

Here is a list of rumors about Google's Pixel 2 that have surfaced on the internet so far.

  • The next larger size of the phone may be called the Pixel Xl 2.
  • It may include a redesign thinner body in comparison to Pixel.
  • The new phone might have a 6-inch display in comparison to the current 5.5-inch display. Although the smaller version of Pixel 2 will have a display size of 4.97 inches.
  • It might also have narrow borders around its display.

Design of the flagship features

In terms of design, Pixel 2 won't change much as it may include the same glass and textured finish as the original Pixel.

Regarding the camera, a report in 9to5Google states that Pixel 2 will have a better camera but not in terms of Megapixels. In fact, Google might end up adding some extra features that could include new modes that allow for a much better low-light photography.

On the memory front, the phone might have 4GB RAM and Pixel XL 2 could have an internal storage of 128 GB while the smaller one will have an internal memory of 64 GB. The phone will have the same Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset which is observed in the latest One Plus 5 and in certain models of Samsung Galaxy phones.

Looking at key features, Pixel 2 might have the squeeze feature, the one HTC U11 has where users squeeze the sides of the phone to open an application of their choice, according to CNET. The new Google Pixel 2 will have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, which supposedly is placed right below the dual rear camera set up.

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Not only that, it might also have some rear panel changes in comparison to Google Pixel.

It is also rumored to have a mono-tone rear panel, unlike the Google Pixel that has duo-tone glass and metal on the back. The rumors have it that Google might launch the phone sometime in October 2017, which might prove to be tough competition for Apple's products.

Reports and news also suggest that the upcoming Google phones are aimed to target different markets. The release of the smartphone is not confirmed yet. Speaking of the price, the Pixel XL could start with $769 and the Pixel 2 could start at $700. Stay tuned for more tech news and updates.