Since HMD Global acquired the license to produce Android smartphones under the nokia brand, the Finnish OEM is trying its best to capture the market share and put the brand in a good position. The tech space is already abuzz with rumors pertaining to the flagship Nokia 8, which is expected to be introduced soon. According to a PhoneArena report, HMD is apparently developing inexpensive Nokia handsets and plans to unveil them in the coming months. Fueling these speculations is the emergence of a Leaked image of the Nokia 2.

HMD to launch inexpensive smartphones?

It is speculated that the Nokia 2 will be the cheapest Android phone to date carrying the company brand name. The phone's name hasn’t been confirmed yet, however, in an interview officials of the company revealed that HMD has plans to introduce more smartphones from the brand onto the market in the coming months. One of these expected handsets is the Nokia 2, whose Alleged sketches leaked online on July 22.

The sketches were shared by Nokibar on its Twitter account and displayed the Nokia 3 and 2 side-by-side. While the Nokia 3 sketch only displayed the smartphone from the front, the Nokia 2 drawing showcased the device from the front as well as the back.

The sketches are detailed but hand drawn.

Nokia 2 sketch gets leaked

The Nokia 2, if compared to its sibling, appears to be sporting the same display size of 5 inches. However, according to the sketch, the lower bezel of the former device is much thicker than the latter.

While the home button and capacitive navigation key sits on the bottom bezel of the sibling, the same has been placed on the Nokia 2’s display.

Apart from the disparity in the thickness of the bottom bezel and the placement of the navigation and capacitive keys in the two Nokia smartphones, not much difference can be spotted between the two in terms of design.

The side and top bezels of both the devices looks to be of the same dimension. The sketch reveals that the placement of the logo, front camera, and the earpiece are also same in the two devices. Interestingly, the Nokia 2’s rear panel sports a light blue hue and showcases a vertically aligned single camera with the LED flash placed below.

The brand logo is placed vertically at the center of the back panel. HMD has already confirmed that the company will be unveiling new smartphones on August 16. Tech experts and fans are expecting the launch of the Nokia 8 flagship at the event. However, the rumored cheap handsets may also get introduced alongside the flagship.