Undoubtedly, iPhone is one of the best devices Apple has ever produced. Selling more than one billion units and still counting, this technological masterpiece sits comfortably on top of the smartphone market. However, just being on top doesn’t guarantee certitude, especially when it comes to development.

In 2005, iPod has generated massive sales but for the Cupertino-based company, it wasn’t enough. Apple opted to develop a new computer to take over iPod’s current success and remain ahead of its time. That’s when iPhone was born. If a 10-year run will mark the demise of iPhone era, what would be its successor?

Augmented Reality now shapes up Apple’s future

In Case we are finally bidding farewell to the iPhone, the most viable technology to take over lies in the onsets of augmented reality. AR has become a sensation overnight, considering the success of ‘Pokemon Go’ and the constant inceptions of AR companies — this means, it most probably is the answer.

More probable evidence to support this claim is Apple CEO Tim Cook's newfound habit of talking about AR in interviews and appearances. The Apple honcho has constantly been heard ‘good-mouthing’ AR and the possibilities it will bring to the future.

Earlier this month Cook expressed his excitement to Bloomberg. "I am so excited about it, I just want to yell out and scream," he quipped.

Last year, Cook’s fascination to Augmented Reality made him declare that it will happen in a big way. He even remarked that once it is out we will wonder how we have lived without it.

A ‘special project’ is underway

Reading between the lines, Tim Cook’s statements imply that Apple is up for something big.

According to reports, the company is currently exploring a digital glasses product. Although Apple has never confirmed the report, there are still ways to take a peak at what’s ahead — major acquisitions and recent software releases.

Recently, Apple has launched "ARKit", a new software that enables developers to mold AR-based Apps for iPhone.

The inclusion of "ARKit" to iPhone’s software hints what the company plans for the future. By the time the glass AR device is ripe for a rollout, a large collection of polished "ARKit" catalog will be available.

In addition, Apple has made low-key acquisitions of AR-startups like Metaio in 2015. Last week, it has been revealed that Apple also purchased "SensoMotoric Instruments", a smart glass company that specialized in eye-tracking. Both are German companies that are seen positively by other AR startups.

Apple insiders agree to this idea

What’s next for Apple may be a little unclear, but insiders definitely believe that something big is coming soon. They noted that iPhone has been curated when the company was looking for a new technology to replace the iPod, Wall Street Journal reported.

So most probably than not... Could AR glasses take over iPhone's supremacy in the coming years?

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