The iPhone 8 is the next big bite hopefully coming later this year from Apple. The practice of releasing new models annually is nothing new with most more interested in seeing the new features from the iconic mobile device.

The iPhone 8 is touted to be the device to carry a major change with most expecting an OLED display screen. Many have been awaiting the change with Apple sticking to the old TFT-LCD screens to date. It would be wise to take note that it is only the iPhone 8 likely to tote an OLED screen, meaning the iPhone 7s/ 7s Plus are more likely to be the last devices sporting the old TFT-LCD screens.

Expanding the OLED possibilities

With an OLED-backed iPhone 8, there are countless possibilities to look forward to. While most easily look forward to better and crisper pictures or videos, even the advanced biometric security features stand to benefit.

One of them includes the possible integration of Facial Recognition technology, something that could take the place of the current Touch Id system on Apple devices. That change could have a major impact and its implementation will depend on the testing currently done by Apple engineers.

Hence, a lot will depend on the progress of the tests. Some believe it may be a long shot though it could be added as an alternative to the existing Touch ID security feature.

A lot of that depends on the Cupertino company’s roadmap – particularly the actual release date of the iPhone 8.

Will the iPhone 8 be out by September?

Related to that, it seems that there is an ongoing debate on when Apple will release its redesigned flagship. The easy money is September though the iPhone 7s has somehow altered expectations.

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Traditionally, Apple would release a series which means that an iPhone 7s/ 7s Plus would come before focus shifts to the next iPhone series. The unusual jab right now is seeing the next lined up iPhones debuting alongside the refreshed iPhone 8 – a strategy that has gotten most thinking.

Product focus is what most are pointing out.

Rolling out a redesigned iPhone 8 would steal the show, hinting at the iPhone 7s possibly being misplaced. Pricing could play a factor but the strategy could eventually work for (or against) either device.

The iPhone 8 will obviously be the phone most would want, regardless of the price. New Apple devices have been known to cost a lot so seeing a ridiculously priced handset may not entirely be surprising, especially for techies who want the latest one available on the market.