The year 2017 is definitely the year for the toughest smartphone competition. For any competition, the Top Spot is highly coveted. Players try to topple the one on the top spot and completely take over supremacy. This is obviously the case for other smartphone manufacturers trying their best to take the spot away from iPhone.

With the release of Samsung S8 and S8+, the competition became even tougher. Samsung definitely is in it to win it. With Samsung's aggressiveness to be back in the market, this Korean tech giant's efforts may be all worth it.

Recent reviews point toward the S8 being better than the iPhone. Samsung deserves all the applause especially coming from an unfortunate Note 7 debacle last year.

When Samsung may well be comfortable with its place in the market, Oneplus 5 enters the picture. Its recent unveiling revealed a lot about this Chinese-made smartphone. Is it a worthy entrant to the smartphone competition? Yes, it absolutely is!

OnePlus 5 Features

Battery: It does have an impressive battery at 3,300 mAh. the OnePlus 5 has no problems keeping all juiced up for the entire day in spite of heavy usage.

Color Options: OnePlus 5 comes in either Midnight Black or Slate Gray aluminum design. The color options may be limited but these available ones ultimately represent its high-end appeal.

Camera: Smartphone camera definitely is an important factor to consider when buying a device. The OnePlus 5 comes with 16-megapixel front-facing camera. This may well be considered an answered prayer to those who are heavily invested on taking selfies. However, the main camera does not produce the same quality as the current iPhone and even the recently released Samsung S8 and S8+.

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Size: It is merely .15mm thicker than the iPhone. However, many users may favor the OnePlus 5 because of the presence of a headphone jack.

Display: It is sharp and crisp. This is mainly because of its 5.5-inch full HD display. It is important to note that iPhone still has an exceptional quality but OnePlus 5 does not disappoint.

Processor: It comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor so there's no problem with lags and hanging even with multiple windows and apps used at the same time.

Is it enough to kick the iPhone out of the top spot?

No. However, credit has to be given when it is due. OnePlus 5 is an exceptional device in its own right. It is cutting-edge enough to satisfy most of the discerning smartphone fanatics, no doubt. If its capabilities are enough to take the glory away from iPhone, not quite. Thanks OnePlus though for trying.