Windows smartphones have all but disappeared off the markets with very few companies still producing handsets running on Microsoft’s operating system. The majority of people either own an Android or iOS-based mobile device. However, a new report indicates that Microsoft may be planning to bring back the Windows-powered handsets into the market.

Is Microsoft planning to launch new Windows-powered handset?

Executive editor at, Brad Sams, recently revealed that he had information regarding the company’s plans of unveiling a brand new Windows 10-powered handset soon.

He said that at the moment, the smartphone is being tested at the corporate headquarters of Microsoft. However, Sams was unsure whether the purported device was a phone or a tablet.

It is likely however that the device in question would be a smartphone since Microsoft needs to catch up with its competitors on that side of the market. Fans have been highly anticipating that the company would unveil its long-rumored Surface Phone. However, according to Sams, this may not be the case as he says that the Surface teams are not developing the upcoming device.

Instead, Sams claimed that the new project was under the supervision of Alex Kipman, who is the man behind Microsoft’s HoloLens. This may indicate that the impending smartphone would greatly focus on AR and VR technology.

This assertion would make sense considering that Apple too is planning to include AR capabilities in its upcoming flagship, the iPhone 8.

At this point, no specs are known of the mysterious Microsoft device. However, considering its probable VR and AR technology, it would most likely sport state-of-the-art technologies and features.

Kipman’s involvement also suggests that the device would try to incorporate an AI assistant much like Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s new Bixby systems.

If the handset does come with all of the advanced technologies, it is very likely that it will also boast a hefty price tag to go along with its high-end features. Exact pricing details are not known at the moment but, it is possible that Microsoft will not retail the handset at such high prices as it had for the HoloLens.

It would instead position the device at such a price point so as to incite OEMs to develop similar products.

Even though the device is most likely not the long awaited Surface Phone from Microsoft, fans will be eager to know that the company has still not given up on their smartphone market completely, and is looking for new ways to regain its popularity that has largely waned in the past few years.