With a slew of leaks, rumors, and analyst reports, it is almost official now that Apple’s iPhone launch may get delayed. However, the news cannot be confirmed for sure unless Apple makes a public announcement regarding the same. Given the company’s penchant for secrecy, one will have to wait till the invites are formally sent out. However, according to recent analyst reports, the iPhone 8’s debut may be delayed by a month. If analysts are to be believed, then the reason behind the delay is the new features that the tenth anniversary iPhone model is expected to house.

iPhone 8 launch delay forecast: when will it release?

In line with most previous rumors, analysts state that the iPhone 8’s launch will be delayed.

They arrive at this conclusion by resorting to internal information relayed from Apple suppliers. According to analysts Stefano Pascale and Wamsi Mohan, the smartphone’s shipment will be delayed by nearly 3 to 4 weeks. This will be because of tech issued the company, and its suppliers are facing. The duo revealed that they had garnered this from Apple’s supply chain sources.

The impending iPhone 8 (along with 7s, and 7s Plus) is anticipated be introduced at Apple’s press conference in September. However, the tenth-anniversary model will be up for purchase four weeks later than the 7s and 7s Plus handsets. This would imply that while the 7s and 7s Plus handset would hit the shelves in late September or early October, the iPhone 8 would only become available at the end of October or Early November.

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Delay caused by software struggles

Apple is apparently having a difficult time in finalizing the set of software improvements that would be integrated into the iPhone 8, such as the 3D Facial Recognition System and the wireless charging technology. The employees are working around the clock to get these major features ready for the September launch. However, there are plenty of bugs that need to be eliminated before the launch.

Although the company still has two months time in hand, it has to ensure the production and release of a glitch free handset. Apart from that, Apple is apparently yet to decide on the placement of the Touch ID sensor. While some rumors state that the company will eliminate the feature completely by replacing it with the facial recognition system, others are of the view that the Touch ID will be placed either underneath the frontal display or at the back.