A maintenance Update is on its way to compatible iPad and iPhones. The latest update from Apple is aimed at fixing some bugs and upgrade the security of the iOS devices. The update brings the firmware version iOS 10.3.2.

The new update can be installed wirelessly or with the help of iTunes. However, Apple advises iOS users to backup important data on their iCloud or iTunes account before starting the installation process. It is also advised to connect the iPhone or iPad to a strong wi-fi and data connection to ensure smooth download of the files.

Update your iPhone or iPad wirelessly

Once the user has been notified of the updates availability on his or her iPhone or iPad, he/she should go into the Settings menu and tap on the General option. From the General option select Software update and click on Download and Install. An onscreen message will pop-up, asking the user to install the downloaded update files. In case the user opts for the "Install Tonight" option, make sure to connect the iPhone on to a charger before going the sleep. The update will be installed automatically over the night.

However, at the time of the installation process, if the system deems that ample space is not available on the iPhone, it will ask the whether he or she would like to continue or cancel the on-going upgrade process.

In case the user chooses to continue, iOS will remove some apps temporarily to make space for the new update to get installed. Once the installation process finishes the system will reinstall apps that were removed. The user can also choose to install the update later or can go for the Remind Me Later installation option.

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Updating through iTunes

For users who are unable to update the iPhone wirelessly can do the same manually using iTunes with the help of a computer. To manually update the iPad or iPhone, first, the user will have to install the latest version of iTunes on the PC. Once that has been done, connect the device to the computer and open iTunes.

Select the correct device from the options and tap on Summary and then on the Check for Update button. If an update is available it will come on the screen. All the user will have to do now is to select Download and Update to begin the installation process on the iOS device.

Glitches of the update

The update has done more bad than good. iPhone users are complaining of massive battery drain after the phone was upgraded with the new update. As a result of the installation, 10% to 20% of the iPhone’s battery life goes down within minutes after the smartphone was unplugged from the charging point. Users are expecting another update from Apple very soon to fix this newly-cropped up issue.