Grand Theft Auto,” the latest sequel of Rockstar's most famous game, is already in its late stages of development. The game’s Release Date and other new details have been revealed.

Rockstar might secretly work on 'GTA 6'

GTA’s developers have not confirmed that they are working on “GTA 6.” However, Redmond Pie revealed that voice actor Tim Neff has applied as an artist for the game. It is important to note that motion capture in video games are usually done in the late stages of development, so this could mean that the next "GTA" is nearing its release date that is expected in 2019.

Neff is currently working on “Red Dead Redemption 2,” which is another Rockstar game. This could mean that the franchise is gathering their crew for the production of the upcoming sequel.

When it comes to the “GTA” achievements, there are only a few games that can compete with the Rockstar’s masterpiece. According to the franchise, the "GTA" series has sold more than 235 million copies worldwide. Furthermore, the figures on the list will get even greater when it comes to the longevity of the game, with the first of the series released as a PlayStation game way back since 1997.

No other game can beat 'GTA'

On GTA's official website, it stated that "the 'GTA 5' is the fastest selling video game in the history, earning $800 million in its first day and $1 billion in its first three days." These figures prove that thousands of people are in love with the game and it is hoped that this will also apply to the upcoming series.

Even though “GTA 5” was released less than a year ago, fans are already asking about the “GTA 6.” News and rumors are revealing the changes that they want for the upcoming game.

What is 'GTA'?

The GTA series is the most popular action-adventure, crime, role playing, and open world game. Mike Daily and David Jones created the first title which developed later by Houser’s brother and their team.

The series set the players into fictional locales like San Andreas, Vice City or Liberty City, which are all stand-ins for other cities in the state of California, Miami Heat, and New York City.

In the first series, while the game holds three fictional cities, the gameplay focuses on an open world where players can either choose missions to progress or engage in extra activities like driving, stealth, and racing, etc.

The game also focused on many different characters who try to rise through the ranks of the underworld. However, the motives of each character are dissimilar in each sequel.