Dell has introduced the world’s first laptop that can be charged in a wireless manner. Dell’s Latitude 7285 has become the first laptop to have the feature of wireless charging. However, the users will have to buy the wireless charging mat separately and at an extra cost. The laptop also comes with decent hardware components.

Dell Latitude 7285 is the world’s first wirelessly charging laptop and it is now up for sale. However, the wireless charging facility, that is the charging mat should be bought by paying an additional cost. According to reports, Dell has already announced all the details about the model of the laptop under the wireless charging series, its availability details as well as the pricing.

Notably, the information about the laptop was announced earlier this year in January at CES.

Latitude’s four variants and its differences

The new Dell Latitude 7285 looks similar to all other laptops that run on Windows 10. The laptop is powered by Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor and comes in four variants on the basis of memory and Solid State Storage. For the variant with 8 GB RAM, one can choose between a solid storage of 128 GB and 256 GB. The 16 GB RAM comes with a solid storage of 128 GB. The fourth variant, however, has a 8 GB RAM with 256 GB solid state storage, but the distinguishing factor is the 3.6 GHz, unlike the remaining variants that have a 3.30 GHz processor. The price of laptop starts at $1,199.00.

Features of the Latitude 7285

All the variants have a small 12.3-inch touchscreen laptop that flaunts a resolution of 2,800 X 1,920 pixels. Another feature that makes the laptop unique is the Windows Hello-ready camera that allows the user to log into the laptop by showing the face. Other features of the laptop include Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, SIM card slot, headphone jack and microSD card slot.

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The wireless charging of Dell Latitude 7285 is similar to the inductive charging which is present in smartphones like Galaxy S8. The laptop can be charged by placing it on the wireless charging mat that comes along with it. Dell has said that it has worked with WiTricity to develop the magnetic resonance wireless charging technology that delivers, in a wireless mode, a power of 30-watts, which is considered sufficient to charge the laptop.

The wireless charging mat can be bought by the users by paying an amount of $200 and also, the wireless charging keyboard will cost the users additional $380. Hence, an additional amount of $580 has to be spent to get the complete package of the laptop. If all the items are bought together in a package the users will get a discount of $30.