The game-developers of "Gran Turismo Sport" recently took to their official blog post to share that they had successfully completed their ‘Closed Beta’ phase for the racing-game. They further went on to add that they are currently entering the final stages of polishing before they launch their highly-anticipated ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ game on the PS4 gaming platform.

Game will debut in October

In their official blog post, the game-developers officially announced the launch-date of their upcoming "Gran Turismo Sport" PS4 version as well. As per their announcement, gamers can wait for the launch of the aforementioned game on October 17th in the North American market.

Meanwhile, the game will be introduced in Europe and Australia on the following day, October 18. Sony had made it official earlier last month that they plan on releasing their much-anticipated "Gran Turismo Sport" for PS4 gaming platforms by fall. However, at that time, the company did not mention any one particular date.

4K viewing experience

Apart from announcing the launch-date of the upcoming game, Sony also made a bunch of cars and tracks set to arrive with the game, official too. The company also showcased what the game’s box art is going to look. Game's box art consisted of images from Day One, Collector’s Edition as well as Steelbook. The first time Sony even remotely spoke about the upcoming game was at the E3, 2017 event that took place earlier in June.

At that time, Sony allowed visitors to experience the first impressions of the game. However, at that time, it wasn’t possible to predict all the key details of the upcoming game. Sony, however, mentioned that the upcoming "Gran Turismo Sport" would possibly come equipped with the support for 4K-viewing and 60 FPS on PS4 Pro platforms.

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Moreover, the game would even get a special HDR support.

Unfortunately, several reports indicate that the "Gran Turismo Sport," PS4 version won’t feature any impressive changes in time or weather dynamics. It came across as quite a disappointment for those awaiting the game’s arrival on the PS4 platform. Sony reportedly decided to ditch the idea of integrating the game with these facilities is because the quality of graphics was getting deteriorated.

But that does not necessarily mean that players won’t be able to set a particular time or weather before starting the game. That facility will very much be available to the users. The upcoming game is expected to cost around $69.99 MSRP ($89.99 CAN) and will come featuring GT Sport Starter Pack (8 Cars), $1MM In-Game Credit, Livery sticker pack, 30 different GT sport-themed avatars, a chrome racing helmet and a limited-edition steel book and packaging.