"Google Keep" is a note-taking service owned by Google. It was launched on March 20, 2013, and is currently available on desktop and as apps for mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

Details of this update

Previously, this app lacked the feature of Undo and Redo. With this latest update, Google has enabled this app with undo and redo option. The users will now have two arrows in between ''+'' and overflow menu buttons located on the menu bar. These buttons will allow users to use undo and redo feature like any other Google text software.

So, if you typed or copied a wrong text in between your notes and want to get rid of it. You can perform this operation with ease using this undo button. However, if you've changed your mind and wanted to get the deleted text back. The redo button will allow you to do so. But, you cannot perform undo and redo operations once you exit the text cause the edit history ends with current editing session.

Google Keep was missing this feature for a very long time. For those who use Microsoft word or excel. This feature is a must for them. With this upgrading, it seems like we'll witness a boom in app's usage across Android and iOS. This new update has been rolling out in Google Play Store.

More about 'Google Keep'

"Google Keep" is a pretty clean and nice app to have on your device. As owned by Google, so quality performance is guaranteed. This is a note-taking service. Using this app, one can perform operations like saving texts, images, voice recordings, etc. Google Keep also allows you to set reminders attached with Google Now.

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Options for selecting time and location are also available, Apart from that, the option to color your written text is also present. Using Google Keep, you can also convert your notes into checklists.

Although, it's a very useful service, in no way it can replace giants available in the same service like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

These are much more heavy apps and got tons of features as compared to Google Keep.

Since its launch, the app has got mixed comments. In 2013, right after the launch. People praised its speed, quality of recording voice texts and provided widgets that could be placed on home screen. However, review in 2016 showed a lot of people criticizing the lack of formatting styles, in-existence of undo and redo option and to be able to see text only in two kinds of modes. However, with this upgrade, many would love to get back to Google Keep.