What fans can expect

It has only been a day since we welcomed 2017 and #Sony has already given us a glimpse of what they have planned for their PS4 users. The recent trailer reveals every PS4 exclusive coming to the platform this year. The trailer was released a few hours ago on Sony’s official YouTube channel, and showcases all PlayStation 4 and PS VR games. The preview has set off a wave of excitement among some PlayStation owners, as the most anticipated games are to come their way in 2017.

It sure looks like Sony is trying their very best to make their PlayStation outshine any other console on the market.

Some titles in the lineup are expected, but nonetheless, much awaited. The full lineup includes a bunch of PS4 exclusives, PS4 console exclusives, and PS4 VR exclusives. Some games include: "Horizon Zero Dawn," "Gravity Rush 2," and "Gran Turismo Sport." Their releases were confirmed a few months ago.

"Gravity Rush 2," the excellent PS Vita exclusive that was recently ported over to the Play Station 4, is the first line to see the light of day and will be up for grabs in a few weeks. "Gran Turismo Sport," which is largely known for its exceptional graphics, will be rendered in 4K, all due credit to the PS4 Pro.

Other games

Another one, that I personally found interesting was "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice," developed by Ninja Theory who are also responsible for masterpieces like "Enslaved: Odyssey," and "Devil May Cry." "Hellblade" is a psychological thriller game with Senua, a Celtic warrior as its protagonist.

The hero is suffering from PTSD caused by surviving a brutal Viking invasion. What's interesting is that players are able to step in to his shoes and experience all the anxiety, depression, and delusion from Senua's viewpoint.

Apart from the obvious, the previews of "Dreams" and "Detroit: Become Human," are pleasant surprises considering there was no mention of these games in the past few months.

But it might take several long months for Sony to announce their official release for PS4, as they are reportedly still under development.

If you were awaiting names like "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" and "Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age," you are not the only one disappointed. Sony is yet to reveal the fate of these titles. The release dates for most of the mentioned games are still unknown at this point, however.