Facebook, the social media giant, is pursuing a technology where others have failed – a Modular device. It was learned that Facebook had filed a patent for what looks to be a modular smartphone, as cited by a report from Slash Gear.

A modular smartphone looks good on paper, where it’s capable of swapping out parts for upgrades such as the camera and processor without having to replace the whole device. This technology was played with by companies such as Google with its Project Ara modular phone. However, the search giant scrapped the idea just like the other ones before it.

This could be very interesting for Facebook as it pushes into the consumer hardware industry.

Facebook’s modular electromagnetic device

It’s not yet confirmed if the said modular device would be a smartphone. In fact, according to the patent application, the device can incorporate a microphone, a speaker, touch display and GPS. In other words, it’s possible that the device could be a smartphone or even a smart speaker.

What’s more interesting is that the people behind Facebook’s Building 8 group, the ones who filed the patent, are the same people responsible for Google’s failed Project Ara concept.

Regina Dugan, the leader of Building 8, also led the group that was developing Google’s modular device at that time.

Also, some of the group’s members are former employees from Apple and Motorola with a lot of experience developing smartphones and other devices. Also, the group is looking to gather a retail and e-commerce team who will sell what product the Building 8 can produce.

It’s also worth mentioning that Building 8 is primarily focused on developing machine learning technology and camera advancement.

Why Google’s Project Ara failed

Last year, Google announced that it dropped its modular smartphone concept after more than three years in development. The company’s main reason for ditching the idea is that interchangeable components are too difficult to commercialize.

It would have been fun to have a smartphone with interchangeable components though.

Imagine your smartphone only has an 8 MP shooter, but you can upgrade to a 20 MP one just by snapping it in like a Lego brick.

Google even had plans to test Project Ara in Puerto Rico where it has a lot of potential markets. However, that too didn’t materialize.

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