Facebook streaming has been available for mobile devices for over a year, allowing Users to broadcast their live videos on-the-go. Now, the company announced that it would finally bring Facebook Live to Desktop users as well.

Facebook live stream competition

This aggressive move by the social media giant enables the Facebook app to be a direct competitor for other streaming sites such as Twitch, Ustream, Livestream, and YouTube. Regarding gaming, this means that Facebook live video streaming will greatly benefit users who would want to broadcast their gameplay live for other users to watch, which has been a trademark for Twitch.

To go live on Facebook for desktop users is pretty much the same as going live on mobile, users just have to select Live Video from the posting area of their News Feed or Timeline then click “next” and it will start broadcasting with the use of the computer’s webcam.

Users are also allowed to add on-screen graphics, titles, and overlays with the use of streaming software to make their broadcast more appealing to others.

Facebook video streaming for money

Facebook has a significantly more user base than Twitch. With the latter being able to reward its users’ monetary value, it should be no surprise that Facebook live video also plans to do the same. When it comes to gaming, Twitch has a feature that brings additional functionalities for users who broadcast their gameplay which Facebook doesn’t currently offer such as game downloads.

Inappropriate Facebook streaming

Unfortunately, several inappropriate contents are being broadcast live on Facebook such as violence. The company is working hard to prevent such cases, and if it can control the types of contents it shows, this will allow broadcasts with exclusive content that will attract more users to the News Feeds and add more spaces to show lucrative video ads.

The Facebook Live has always been focused on the mobile platform but being brought to the desktop platform will certainly be a welcome addition to the way users broadcast their videos.