The Body of a teen who went missing on the night of July 19th, 2017 near Sugar Lake, which is located in Pittsboro, in North Carolina was found. The news came after five days of search parties looking for the teenager incessantly but to no avail.

For the unfamiliar, the parents of Gabriel Boone Cummins filed a missing complaint case on July 19 when their son failed to return home. He had been asking his friends to visit the lake for a while, which is a privately owned property but is often trespassed.

What happened?

Investigators discovered that Gabriel was dropped off by one of his friends at 300 block of Sugar Lake road between 1am - 2 am and that was the last time anyone saw him.

There were diving teams searching the perimeter of the lake, but did not find a single clue about the whereabouts of the teenager. The depth of the lake varies from 40 feet and goes on till 100 feet. Even K-9 units searched the perimeters of the property, but there was no sign of Gabriel.

Why was the diving search suspended abruptly?

The diving search party was eventually suspended when the officials realized that the lake floor was littered with old-rusted machineries and other hazardous products, which were highly toxic and would put the safety of research personnel at risk. The officials said that they would stop looking for the teen and were simply shifting the focus from the lake to other perimeters of the area.

They were doing everything within their power to find Gabriel and to see him return safely to his family. Authorities had utilized every mean to search for the missing teen, which comprised of using bloodhounds, boats, rescue divers and sonar tools.

The cause of death discovered

The body was found in Sugar Lake at around 1 am on July 25 and the unofficial cause of death according to the authorities seems to be drowning, but the body has been handed over to medical examiners so they can run an autopsy and determine the real cause of death.

Gabriel Cummins’ parents were even ready to offer a reward to anyone who would provide them the information of their missing son or would help them find him. The whole family was expectant that Boone would return to them safely. His father John Cummins made a desperate plea for his son’s safe return. He said that him and the whole family loved him and just wanted him to come back home safely. He was absolutely in no trouble and everyone was just making sure that he came back home safely to them