Samsung’s My Knox secure database for saving files and other data by Samsung device users has been going through a lot of issues. This problem is at such a level that Samsung did not make any of its 2017 devices compatible with the Samsung My Knox app. Even for the earlier handsets which support the app, Samsung has advised users to backup all of their files in cloud storage and then move them over to a new app known as Secure Folder. However, now it seems Samsung is also warning users that their data stored in the My Knox app may get deleted due to a bug.

Samsung’s My Knox may delete user data

On Tuesday, July 25, Samsung began mailing My Knox users that their device could lose some of the data stored in the app. The company also revealed that these issues arose from a battery saving feature and a new update released for My Knox. Users with Android Nougat and the app could very easily lose some of their data and files permanently as a result of this latest issue.

The South Korean company also announced that the issue seemed to be triggered when users selected the maximum battery saving option on the latest Android platform. Due to this, Samsung is asking My Knox users to withhold enabling the Maximum Battery Saving option on their handsets. The company is currently looking into the issue and is expected to release an update rectifying the same as soon as possible.

The app itself is used to encrypt and securely store sensitive data and materials, which cannot be shared with a third person. This means that people may be storing pictures, videos, and password details of various accounts inside this app. Samsung has said that if data is lost through this bug, it cannot be recovered again by the user and will be permanently lost.

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This kind of issue showing up on an app which is primarily tasked to keep data secure and safe does not reflect well on Samsung. Although the company has announced that it will not be supporting the app post-2017, some users are surely still using the feature for securing their sensitive data. This may be a good time for them to ditch the My Knox app and instead go for the Secure Folder program instead.

Devices likely to be hit with the My Knox issue

The Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge plus, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Active, and Galaxy J3 Pop are some of the devices which are most likely to suffer from this issue. Users on these devices are urged to switch to Secure Folder. It remains to be seen how soon Samsung can release the update for My Knox.