Human Remains found in a ditch a few days ago have been recognized as those of a missing Texas teenager who disappeared back in July last year. A farmer uncovered a pile of bone fragments while working in the ditch. They identified with dental records belonging to Nahomi Rodriguez. After reviewing the crime scene, law enforcement now rules this case a homicide. Jefferey Adickes, Harlingen's Police Chief, attended a press conference last Monday stating that there was a substantial amount of evidence collected at the scene.

He proceeded to say at the briefing, "All of us are incredibly hopeful that police will find the individuals who need to be held accountable.”

Pressing a mystery

A few of Nahomi's relatives engaged in discussion at the press conference a few days ago.

Ramiro Rodriguez, who is the father of Nahomi, requested for any person with knowledge of what happened to come forward. He stated, “We are in need of your help. Somebody has information about something. We also need Nahomi's friends’ help to reach the bottom of this.”

Friends and family of the teen were incredibly dynamic in their quest to find the girl after she disappeared on July 17, 2016. Federal investigators reported that she was leaving her job at a McDonald’s in Harlingen, TX the night she turned up missing.

Nahomi’s aunt, Enedina Sanchez to the press, “Since day one, this case has been a very hard. This very day centers on the fact that we have a seriously important case here. We have a young woman, a teenager, who proceeded to go missing and someone needs to be held accountable for this.

Person of interest

Police are seeking an individual caught in surveillance footage pulling into the parking lot at McDonald’s the night Nahomi disappeared. In the video, the teen maneuvers toward a lightly colored SUV. There is no other camera footage showing what happened after that.

Investigators believe cameras captured that same vehicle and person on video coming from a camera inside the food establishment.

The video footage shows a man dressed in dark clothing and a light cap pulling up to the drive-through window. It appears that Nahomi and the man know one another after the clips show the girl giving the unidentified male a fist-bump.

Authorities say the driver is now considered a Person Of Interest.

Enedina chose to speak directly to the individual who killed Nahomi at the press conference.

She stated, “I only want to inform you that we are looking for you. You will be found by us.”

Any individual possessing knowledge about the situation is urged to contact the Police Department in Harlingen.