Blackberry was one of the most successful handheld manufacturers about eight years ago. Almost all well-known businessmen and celebrities were always seen fidgeting with their BlackBerry devices. It was such a big thing that many chose BlackBerry over Apple.

Unfortunately, the success did not last long. BlackBerry devices started to slow down in sales until they went into oblivion. What used to be a BlackBerry dominated world was quickly replaced by Apple and Samsung. However, a few years ago, BlackBerry started to make its presence felt once again.

The company managed to release devices such as Passport, DTEK50, and DTEK60. Though these devices did not sell in mass volumes compared to Apple and Samsung devices, users have good words to say about their BlackBerry devices.

Even better, the BlackBerry KeyOne entered the market very recently. At first glance, it is definitely different from the Smart Phones made by other manufacturers. It may be described as a good example of non-conformity.

Why is it a non-conformist?

Here are the reasons why the new Blackberry is considered to be non-conformist:

  • When all devices go crazy over display size, the BlackBerry KeyOne is the exact opposite. Its display only measures 4.5-inches. It may be smaller than most but it comes in full HD so don't the size fool you.
  • Most smartphones don't have any buttons at the front. Fingerprint scanners have significantly been moved onto the back panel for a clean and polished front (like that of Samsung S8). Sorry if a tiny little button bothers you because the BlackBerry KeyOne has the entire keyboard at the front! It stays true to the characteristic "BlackBerry" appeal.
  • Overall appeal is of the essence. Samsung S8 looks extremely polished, classy and sophisticated. It boasts of ergonomics and lines that are cutting-edge and scene-stealing. The KeyOne on the other hand is bulkier.
  • Both the KeyOne and S8 come with a 12-megapixel camera. However, the KeyOne lacks image stabilization software according to Tech Radar. Samsung S8 still reigns supreme in terms of video and image capturing capabilities.

Should you buy it?

It depends on your needs.

If you are not too concerned about the technical specifications of your device, the BlackBerry KeyOne may be a good option. If you are a die-hard BlackBerry fan, you might find yourself buying the KeyOne for nothing but nostalgic reasons. This latest BlackBerry offering is not bad, although it seriously lags behind its competitors such as the Samsung S8. However, that shouldn't be a hindrance to buying the KeyOne. It is still packed with features worthy to compete with other recent smartphones.