Smartwatches are definitely one of the hottest gadgets to have nowadays. Not only does it tell the time, but it is capable of doing something more than any conventional watch can ever do. This is the right gadget especially now that more and more people are becoming health conscious.

Since Apple released its first ever Apple Watch, the demand for it to go more robust and hi-tech has been overwhelming. As expected, other manufacturers have made their own smartwatch to compete with Apple. Some have been successful but, at the end of the day, Apple Watch seems to remain one of the best ones.

Apple Watch 3 is coming soon.

Yes, the third installment of the Apple Watch is reported to come in a few months. Though Apple has not confirmed its technical specifications, speculations and leaks of its features are currently making the rounds.

Rumored Features

First off, viewing valuable information about one's workout progress and the likes can be exceptionally seen. Why? Because the Apple Watch 3 is rumored to come with a Micro-LED display. The display size may still be the same at 1.65-inches. However, the Micro-LED display makes it even brighter and more power-efficient.

There are also reports suggesting that Apple's latest smartwatch may have either titanium or platinum case and it is possible it might be working with Liquidmetal as well. Since both platinum and titanium are two of the lightest metals, the latest Apple smartwatch being even slimmer than its predecessors is a huge possibility.

As a medical aid

Yes, just when you think that it can track almost anything related to your workout progress and daily caloric intake, Apple just won't stop yet. Recent reports do point out that the Apple Watch 3 is able to detect Atrial fibrillation which is proven to be fatal. The arterial fibrillation is one of the greatest heart failure triggers.

While the exact science behind how this Smart Watch can detect the heart failure trigger is not yet available, it is expected to be groundbreaking. So heart failure detection is covered, that's great. But wait, there's more: it is reported to monitor blood sugar levels too.

Apple has yet to give its official word regarding this issue. However, the news does suggest integrating a non-invasive Blood Sugar sensor.

It may come part of the watch itself or an attachment/accessory. If this comes to fruition, this becomes a smartwatch and wearable technology which is extremely difficult to surpass.


Expensive. No official price range has been released just yet, but it is sure to fetch an extremely steep price tag. Having titanium or aluminum case with medical assistance technology is not cheap (if all these reports are indeed accurate). In spite of the steep price, Apple Watch 3 is still expected to trump all of its competitors mercilessly.

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