A new report on the next-generation Apple Watch indicates that it could have an advanced technology that would allow the device to read blood sugar levels without the use of needles. Additionally, the Apple Watch 3 could be the start of the new line of wearables to benefit humankind with its health-monitoring capabilities.

In a report published by BGR earlier this week, a source had revealed that Apple is getting their hands busy on implementing a new glucose monitoring feature and interchangeable smart bands. The mentioned features have long been the talk of Apple enthusiasts, but the publication suggests the health functionality would be seen on the Apple Watch 3.

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The Cupertino giant may also introduce a whole slew of new functionality through interchangeable smart bands that will give the next-gen Apple Watch a modular design, and let users add all sorts of features without spending a dime to pay more for a smartwatch. The report also says that Apple has apparently hired 200 PhDs specifically for the task of enhancing the Apple Watch’s health monitoring features.

In what would be a game-changer, Apple apparently is now targeting diabetics all over the world and introduce them to non-invasive glucose technology. The source added that the tech giant has “so much more they can and intend to do with the Watch,” and that it has “identified the right part of the body.”

Apple bets big on health

It would be a huge challenge for Apple for sure, considering no technology is currently available that could monitor blood sugar levels without actually drawing blood.

What the world has right now is venipuncture, in which a syringe and a needle are used to collect the blood sample. It’s not just a breakthrough for Apple, but to the whole medical industry as well. If the company manages to pull it off, the world may witness the best smartwatch that’s ever invented, not because it’s deemed “cool” and “fashionable,” but for a more significant reason.

Apple hasn’t commented on the matter yet, but assuming it’s true, the non-invasive blood sugar sensor may end up not necessarily in the Apple Watch 3 itself. It could maybe come in the form of an accessory. Of course, with this kind of technological feat in development, it will no doubt require the approval of FDA. The sensor will likely end up in a smart band that can go through the FDA’s approval process without impacting Apple Watch release schedules.

Expecting the next-gen Apple smartwatch anytime this year is a long shot, though. It could arrive in 2018 at the earliest.

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