2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Apple's flagship iPhone. In order to make this occasion extra-special, the firm is speculated to launch its upcoming device with the best of features and an unforgettable experience. The device manufacturer is taking help from everywhere possible in order to integrate all the features imagined by the company and also to meet the deadline.

Apple typically introduces its smartphones in the month of September, right after the IFA event. It seems like this year, unlike most previous years, Apple won’t be adhering to its traditional deadlines.

The reason has not been confirmed yet but reports suggest that Apple has run into several technical troubles with regards to its upcoming device which may ultimately end up causing the delay.

Three iPhone variants

According to a Report published by the Japan-based website, Macotakara, Apple is expected to introduce not one, but three iPhone devices this year. Not only will the firm be seen taking the wraps off the iPhone 8 smartphone, but Apple will also be introducing its iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. The latter two will consist of all the possible upgrades that are required to come with the respective models.

Features of the device

The same report states that Apple has tried integrating several features to its iPhone 8 towards the end of the project.

Therefore, there are chances that the launch of the device might end up being delayed. There are many reports that claim that Apple might end up unveiling the device at its traditional September event, however; the device will be available for launch only later - i.e. maybe in October or November.

According to a post by Tom’s Guide, there has been much debate with regards to iPhone 8 and its release date.

The Cupertino technology giant apparently decided to integrate its rear 3D scanning feature to the device quite late. The engineers and designers are, therefore, unable to meet the deadline. This is probably what will cause the delay.

Apart from this, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is also expected to arrive with a special bezel-less design.

The device’s rear panel will apparently be built using glass and the smartphone will come with support for technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to be among the priciest offerings made by Apple. The device is expected to be priced somewhere around $1,000.