The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 is believed to be one of the most anticipated phones. Much before the phone could arrive on the market there have been leaks and rumors about its appearance. The upcoming phone will be Apple's 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone series. The iPhone 8 is believed to be out by September 2017. But due to certain reasons, it turns out that the iPhone 8 will hit the market later in December or January.

It is a long wait especially for all iPhone lovers, but the wait is said to be worthwhile as Apple is bringing on some advanced technology. Reports state that the Tech Giant is adding the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology to the phone.

Previously, all iPhones only had the LED technology. This time Apple want's to take a leap forward with OLED. The technology will enable the phone by providing better image quality.

OLED's might be the reason for the delay

According to Top Tech News, the OLED feature could be the reason for the delay in the phone's release date. Apparently, the company is facing some minor challenges and screen supply problems. The OLED technology is coming to the iPhone for the first time, but Samsung has already used OLEDs in their Galaxy phones.

The rumors are that Apple has already invested $2.7 billion for the production of OLEDs. As for the iPhone fans, they believe that the company will rectify everything before launching the phone.

A few months back it was mentioned that the iPhone 8 will feature a rear-facing touch ID and a wireless charger.

Wireless charger and Face ID

The recent leaks state that there will be no rear-facing touch ID. Instead, Apple is introducing the Face ID option. The finger print sensing technology is said to be no longer available.

The Face ID technology will consist of iris authentication with three-dimensional face recognition. That will be a new and advanced feature for the upcoming phone.The company is working on a better design than its predecessors. However, the Face ID might be a little more complex than the finger print sensor.

At this moment, the wireless charger will be present. The company believes that the delay in the phone's arrival will not damage the demand. The iPhone 8 will be a luxury mobile phone featuring a 5.8-inch display and an enlarged side power button. Based on the leaks and rumors it will be priced between $1,100 and $1,200. It might turn out to be a bit expensive, but it's going to be the latest Apple Iphone 8.

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